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Environment and sustainability

I Gigli has been serving its community for more than 25 years: everyday we work hard to provide our customers, citizens and community with opportunities and added value We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and encouraging environmental protection. We collaborate with the most important associations and the local public administration to support projects with a high social value. We are proactive in raising awareness on diversity, inclusion and solidarity.

#green topics such as ecology, environmental impact, energy savings and waste reduction are widely discussed. Our services and our daily actions are inspired by our commitment to our customers and the future of all of us: I Gigli cares deeply about the planet!

Photovoltaic systems

With the aim of increasing the sustainability and energy efficiency of the Centre, 2,645 photovoltaic panels were installed in the car park between the Shopping Center and the Retail Park, occupying a surface area of approximately 5,500 m2 and generating clean energy of 1,356.12 Mwh per year with a maximum power of 1,084.45 kWp.

An investment that not only reduces carbon emissions, but also demonstrates I Gigli’s commitment to providing a better environment for the community and future generations.

waste reduction

In I Gigli no food is wasted! The Shopping Centre, in collaboration with Food Bank, tackles food waste with a programme to recover surplus food from bars, restaurants and the hypermarket. A virtuous circle through which food is immediately redistributed to partner facilities providing food to the least fortunate while ensuring high standards of hygiene and safety.

Smart bins

NANDO arrives at I Gigli: the intelligent companion for a cleaner world!
We have installed smart bins in the Gallery that can analyze waste to help you separate waste collection.
Each bin is equipped with sensors that help you separate waste efficiently and responsibly.
More information on the project on the website of the Italian startup Re Learn

BREEAM IN-USE certification

BREEAM is an environmental sustainability assessment methodology developed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in 1988. It is one of the most internationally relevant certifications, used to monitor, evaluate, and certify the sustainability of buildings.

This certification requires sustainable practices during the design, construction, management, and maintenance of buildings. The BREEAM code includes principles and requirements that promote an integrated approach to sustainability, improving the environmental, social, and economic impact of buildings.

Thanks to our constant commitment to improving the sustainability of the Shopping Center, I Gigli has once again achieved an “EXCELLENT” rating in the BREEAM Certification this year.

EV Days

On the occasion of the EV Days, sustainability and the environment are protagonists in the parking area of ​​the Retail Park of I Gigli. Follow us on social networks to find out the dates of the next events! By participating, it will be possible to learn about the latest green frontiers of the automotive sector and visit the exhibition of electric vehicles, in collaboration with some of the most important players in the sector in the area.

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