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Community and inclusion

I Gigli Shopping Centre proudly sponsors local charities, cultural and sport associations, social organisations, religious and nursing institutions. A true commitment accompanied by tangible actions to carry out social projects about diversity, inclusion and solidarity.

Fratellanza Popolare San Donnino

Every year on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, the collaboration with the Popular Brotherhood of San Donnino continues.

An even more magical and supportive Christmas, with the free gift wrapping service.

Io Mi Affido Cover

I rely on you

In collaboration with the National School of Guide Dogs in Scandicci, during the event “Io mi afFido” (I rely on you), I Gigli helped to look for foster families to take care, for one year, of puppies which will be trained to become guide dogs. A gesture of love that we wanted to reward with a Gift Card. Furthermore I Gigli organised events to raise awareness on this topic which were covered even by national channels.

A network of women

I Gigli and D.i.Re launched the “Free to Grow” (La Libertà di Crescere) project about violence against women from the point of view of children. In D.i.Re’s centres and women shelters, well-trained female operators help children to process their experiences and regain peace In the gallery, an exhibition about “Il tuffo di Lulù” was set up and it was an opportunity to reflect, raise awareness and inform everyone on the most complex and delicate social themes.

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