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We have always been supporting our customers and the community, collaborating with local institutions, associations and businesses to meet needs and raise awareness on safety and wellbeing.

Farmapiana vaccine hub

I Gigli vaccine hub has played a key role: in one year almost 100,000 people were vaccinated. It is an example of a fruitful collaboration between local institutions, associations and businesses to help the community in a moment of struggle. In particular, during the pandemic, Farmapiana, the pharmacy of the Shopping Centre, managed to provide a highly-professional service to handle the Vaccine Hub, playing an essential role in the national vaccination campaign.

Lawfulness and road safety

The project was intended to promote consciousness about road safety among young people, encourage responsible and fair behaviours to enhance safety for self and others and replace the appealing idea of transgression with the pride of socially aware and proper citizenship. The event involved Municipal Police agents and I Gigli customers. Municipal Police agents have been working hard, in recent years, to educate, especially young people, to respect the rules of the road and of civilised living I Gigli has always been concerned with the needs of our territory and had promoted activities and events about important topics, like this one.

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